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An excellent post at Columbia Journalism Review by Jan Schaffer, executive director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. She’s responding to the Downie/Schudson report on The Reconstruction of American Journalism, which you can download as a PDF here or read online here:

In looking to reconstruct journalism, I’d start not by asking how do we get money for what we’ve always done. I’d ask instead: How do we provide something worth paying for? As a long-time news consumer, I have recoiled at much of what we are rendering as “journalism.”

What if it’s not just the business model of journalism that is broken? What if the way we are doing our journalism is broken, too? How are some of the new media makers trying to fix that?

Highly recommended.

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2 thoughts on “First Read: Follow the Breadcrumbs : CJR

  1. Your tweet is as good as the article: @mathewi Instead of “how do we get $ for what we’ve always done,” ask “How do we (do) something worth paying for?”

    I've posted my answer to your questions in two parts: “The 'Post We' Era Part I – Missing the 'We' attitude of the Greatest Generation” & “The 'Post We' Era Part II – Journalism is not the news business, but the opinion business.”

    There are two posts because I believe there are two problems. It will take solving both to succeed. The first post is about the first “internal” hurdle – the lack of “We” among Journalists and their business counterparts in designing solutions. The second post is about the second “external” hurdle journalists and business counterparts need to solve – the lack of “We” on the internet where all voices are equal but separate and community is scarce.

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