Kevin Smith Says Pirates Lead To Converts

Mike Masnick at Techdirt notes how director Kevin Smith disclosed his thoughts on piracy during a recent 24-hour Twitterthon question-and-answer session with fans.

Smith seems to have the whole CwF+RtB thing down cold — and has for many years. But, given all of that, I had no idea what his opinion was on the question of “piracy.” While he notes, at one point, that Disney will own the rights to his movies forever, someone asks “How much money do you think your projects have lost to piracy?” to which Kevin responds:

See, I think “How many more converts did I get from piracy?”

Bingo. The smart creator these days looks to use “piracy” to his advantage. Smith has done that and more.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Says Pirates Lead To Converts

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  2. That's how it should be looked at. Unfortunately for the music and movie sharks, that's eventually how they are going to HAVE to see things. If a person buys a bootleg or downloads the work, the chances are, that person was NOT going to be paying for said product anyway. They just took the chance because they saw it for free.

    So, what if they look at it (or listen or whatever) and they actually LIKE what they are hearing or seeing. *LIGHT BULB* a brand new fan. One that may be willing to shell out some of that hard earned cash in the future. Makes sense to me.

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