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December 2008

Amid all the rumours that Steve Jobs is getting sicker comes what I think is a much more interesting rumour: that Apple will launch a larger-format iPod Touch. Not that I don't care about Steve-O and his health, of course -- I do. But when it comes to Apple products, I'm really interested in the…


While I was doing my best to remain peaceful during the Christmas holidays, I couldn't help but feel the blood rising after I read Paul Mulshine's recent piece in the Wall Street Journal about bloggers and the future of journalism, which I found via a Twitter link from my friend Jay Rosen (who was responding…


A Christmas interlude

by Mathew on December 27, 2008 · 1 comment

I'm taking a bit of a personal break over the holidays, to spend some time with friends and family. In place of my usual insightful commentary, I offer you instead these peaceful images of the countryside around Buckhorn in rural Ontario, about two hours northeast of Toronto.

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With David Carr's argument that newspapers should ignore the Web only a few days old -- not to mention Joel Brinkley's suggestion that anti-trust violations are a viable business model -- I thought the market for stupid newspaper-related activity was pretty well saturated. But apparently I was wrong. It seems that GateHouse Media, which owns…


David Carr, a writer for the New York Times, is a pretty interesting guy -- he kicked a cocaine habit and went on to become a respected journalist at one of the country's top newspapers, something he just finished writing a book about. That's the good news. The bad news is that a piece he…