Wassup: The story of a sequel

Anyone who follows me on Twitter heard about this already, but there’s an interesting story behind the “sequel” video to that famous Wassup commercial that Budweiser came out with eight years ago. Much like BusinessWeek marketing writer Burt Helm, I wondered how the video had come together, and how it came to be a partisan election message for Obama rather than a Budweiser commercial. Unlike me, however, Burt Helm looked into it and discovered that director Charles Stone III (who also directed the movie Drumline) retained the rights to the concept, which he licensed to Budweiser for the original commercial. He made the sequel with some friends and colleagues from the movie business and $6500 of his own money, and in just 4 days it has been seen by 2.4 million people.

9 thoughts on “Wassup: The story of a sequel

  1. Mathew – thanks for sharing. I saw it via your twitter message and wondered the same thing. I wonder if he captured the licensing royalties as well for the goods that were marketed along with the campaign.

    Aside: I'm – again – realizing how effective great advertising can be. 8 years later I still crisply remember those ads and answering all calls from my parents while in university with that greeting.

    • It was definitely a powerful commercial, Fraser. The thing I liked about it most was it seemed completely random — not really related to the actual product at all. Just a bunch of friends acting like idiots.

  2. With all the negative ads out there, all the smear campaigns, it’s good to see something with a sense of humor. It still manages to get its point across of course, but using pop culture references instead of smear techniques. Pretty good. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/

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