Video: A Rick Sanchez greatest hits mashup

Rick Sanchez is the CNN anchor who has been using Twitter, Facebook and other social media, particularly during the recent market meltdown. The comedy site 23/6 — a joint venture between Barry Diller’s IAC and The Huffington Post — has put together a hilarious mashup of some of Rick’s exclamations, including “my Twitterboard is about to explode!” (hat tip for the link goes to my friend Rachel Sklar)

24 thoughts on “Video: A Rick Sanchez greatest hits mashup

  1. This clown was giving out his Twitter URL while “holding on” in the middle of Ike. A little flare is nice but he should be on “news anchors gone wild”.


  2. I am sick of the “low lifes” criticizing Rick Sanchez. I will take him over any of the other journalists-including Wolf-even though I like him also.

  3. rich ya want the perfect solution to the economy…the us tres. should pay down all mortgages 250,000 and less by 35000…then the us govt needs to lock mortgage interest 3% plus the houses are affordable bad debts the banks are resolved main streeet has money to spend..this would cost less then the present bailout and wll street is not being paid off…put the people first..right

  4. I have two questions. The first is: What is the merit of anyone questioning Senator Obama’s ability to lead this nation in a positive direction when he has proven through his campaign that he is a noteworthy leader. People continue to question his experience and attempt to assert that Senator McCain may be a better president because of his experience, when in fact Senator Obama has proven through these 20 plus months that he can run a good campaign, handle his message, stay focused and on track, generate money in amounts unheard of, and maintain authority and order in his rallies. McCain, on the other hand has proven that he has no idea how to manage a campaign. He has been erratic in his messages and his behaviors, and he says he has no control over his crowds. The second thought is: While I join in with most Americans in wishing Palin’s older daughter and future son-in-law the best of blessings in their upcoming baby and marriage; I am, however, deeply concerned about the positive image Palin’s future son-in-law is projecting to our youths. I recently heard that he does not plan to return to school for his senior year, but has chosen to take a job instead. How is it that our candidates can talk about the importance of education, and then have this glaring rejection of it on the campaign trail? Do we no longer hold our elected officials to higher standards? What do we do, as people, when our children decide they want to drop out of school and use this young man as their example? What is the message we are really sending by considering this to be acceptable at this level of government?

  5. Rick, Love your show. We the people have spoken! Obama is the People's Choice. That is why he gets more ahead by the day.
    Of course we don't want Mccain who rolls his eyes and sighs, comes back with sarcasm- like a school child! That DOES matter! Do we want to be mortified when he is doing that with world leaders?? NO!!! There is only one choice running. He is the people's President ! who is solving our problems.
    The more Mccain people make excuses for his behaviour- the more they are starting to look childish like Mccain. Please read this comment on your CNN show !!!!

  6. What happened to the story on Sarah Palin and her husand and their link to the American Independence Party. It seems like it just got dropped. Was there pressure to not continue putting out this information. It is very relevant to the way she thinks and the way the Republican campaign is being run. Why aren't we hearing more.

  7. I don't know if i have tghe right blog page ,but I want to know why have we not heard more about the black side of the john mccain family. Im just read something about it and didn't know that it even existed. Could you please enlighten us more.


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  9. I am really enjoying Rick Sanchez' afternoon show. I am retired, and Iook forward to seeing it every day.He is so real-no fake there!!!!

  10. Glad to know that I am not the only one who thinks Rick Sanchez is a tool. Biggest tool? Quite possibly. But right up there with Lou Dobbs. CNN has gone to the dogs dumbing down the news; appearing 'folksy”–you betcha!; and all terror all the time. If you were not afraid of it before, CNN will have you quaking in your boots about it.

  11. I live in a condo Torrrance,Ca that passed a 75,000 per unit assessment prior to the economic melt down
    our association pres. will not let us revote so in this climate we will have additional lives.destroyed because of selfish vultures like this. we have asked for help from our senator and now the Governor.We need help fast
    Fellow American

  12. Yea, that Rick Sanchez. Talks as though he's an objective observer but is clearly a tool. I would love to see an interview conducted by him of say Sean Hannity. I would pay to watch.

  13. Yea, that Rick Sanchez. Talks as though he's an objective observer but is clearly a tool. I would love to see an interview conducted by him of say Sean Hannity. I would pay to watch.

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