I’m late on this news, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention today’s update to the Disqus hosted-comment service, which I’ve been using on this blog for some time now. As I’ve said before, I think Disqus is one of the best comment systems going, and now it has gotten even better. One of the main criticisms of the service up until today was that the comments made on a blog post were hosted by Disqus and therefore not available to the blog publisher should something go wrong. The update to the service makes it truly two-way, with a synchronization process for WordPress and the ability to export comments.

Disqus has also made it easier for bloggers to administer their comments, integrating the admin panel right into the WordPress admin dashboard. The initial version of the Disqus 2.0 plugin caused some problems for me and some other WP users, but within a matter of hours there was a fix — and the whole time it was being pushed out to users, founder Daniel Ha was responding on Twitter and through the Disqus support forum, and keeping users updated. That was one of the first things that impressed me about Disqus, actually: Daniel’s dedication to remaining in touch and both responding to and fixing problems quickly.

Allen Stern at Centernetworks has a run-down on some of the other enhancements, which include the fact that comments handled by Disqus are now “SEO friendly,” meaning that bloggers don’t lose any of the Google juice they might otherwise have gotten — another thing some critics had suggested was a flaw in the way Disqus was structured. According to some previous critics such as David Risley, the new Disqus has more than answered their complaints about the service. Congrats to Daniel and his team on a great upgrade.

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  9. I like Disqus comment system. I think it's just not an ordinary commenting system. But it's comment system that add more value to our blog.

  10. DISQUS synchronizes comments with WordPress so there are still in your database.

  11. Disqus allows you to administer comments on multiple blogs from a single dashboard.

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  13. Disqus is relatively faster than any commenting system I tried. Of course, this made it my number one choice for all the blogs I develop.

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  15. I like Disqus comment system. I think it's just not an ordinary commenting system. But it's comment system that add more value to our blog.

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  22. Disqus is really good at stopping comment spam. I think its better than the other spam blocking platforms I've seen so far.

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