We have met the enemy: He is us

As predictable as clockwork, every so often a post comes along that dumps on either Techmeme or the blogosphere in general for being shallow and self-centered, for being onanistic (look it up) and consumed by the desire for cheap traffic hits, etc. etc. This week’s installment comes from Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion, who says he’s tired of “the Lazysphere,” as he calls it — poorly thought out posts that chase the latest Techmeme frenzy. Only deep thinking for Steve from now on, apparently.

I like Steve, and I think he adds a lot of value with his blog — and I think there are plenty of others who do so as well, including some of the ones Steven Hodson of WinExtra has listed in his post on the topic, such as MG Siegler’s ParisLemon. You know where I found both of those guys? On Techmeme. And they often have contrarian opinions, as ParisLemon did on Wikia Search (of course he agreed with me).

It’s easy to look at something like the Techmeme time-lapse video that Amit put together and conclude that it’s all a lot of sound and fury, signifying very little. And if that’s what you think it is, then presto — that’s what it will become. And you’ll be off in your little corner, thinking your big thoughts and chatting with your five loyal readers. But in that noise and frenzy there is also some signal, and it’s up to you to find it.

That’s what the blogosphere is all about. Complaining about some lazy bloggers chasing links is like complaining about all the stupid shows that are on the telly, or all the loud-mouthed idiots holding forth at the local watering hole. Ignore them. Focus on those that are saying something interesting — wherever they may be.

* headline is from an ancient Pogo comic strip

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