The Digg Reel: TV meets LOLcatz

Are the Digg guys bent on creating a media empire? Perhaps. The mini-Murdochs behind Digg and Revision3 — that is, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson — have launched a new show called The Digg Reel, featuring the top videos submitted to Digg. It’s hosted by Jessica Corbin, who was a host on another Revision3 gadget show that got canned, and before that was on TechTV, the very same show that a young Kevin Rose was once a host on.

The Digg Reel is the same breezy kind of tech show most of us have gotten used to by now, with the cute girl/woman host with great hair — Natali del Conte, Joanne Colan of, etc. — introducing short clips. In this case, the clips include LOLcatz videos with titles like Weird Sleeping Cat, submitted by people with names like SmartAsseur. In other words, not exactly Masterpiece Theatre. But will the Digg gang watch it? Sure they will.

Whether anyone else watches it remains to be seen. At least this one comes from the same site that discovers such jewels of online content — fate has not been so kind to shows such as Online Nation, an attempt to bring Web clips to mainstream TV. And in case you forgot, Revision3 is “the first media company that gets it,” according to the website. There’s more on Digg Reel from MG Siegler at ParisLemon and Stan Schroder at Mashable.

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