Steve Jobs’ keynote leaked? Puh-leeze

A couple of sites — including Pocket Lint and Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion — are running with the “news” that Steve Jobs’ keynote for Macworld has been leaked on Wikipedia. The only news is that anything with the word “Apple” in it becomes blog fodder leading up to the keynote, including old rumours.

The rumour about the Wikipedia leak is almost a week old now, having popped up on my friend Ian Betteridge’s blog Technovia on January 10 as well as a couple of other places. Same hauntingly plausible offerings — a 13-inch aluminum Macbook, YouTube for iTunes, etc. And the same widely-expected details such as an SDK for the iPhone.

Seriously, if someone was going to leak the keynote (assuming that would even happen), would they post it to a Wikipedia talk page? Why not send it to one of the many Apple sites? Some have argued that the ThinkSecret case made the regular rumour blogs too wary of printing Apple stuff, but I find that hard to believe. And one line in the keynote made my hoax antenna stand up: it says the DVD player on the Macbook “pops open when the eject button is pressed.” Don’t they all do that?

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