Picture this: Digg adds photos, taxonomy

Kevin Rose and the gang at Digg have finally done some housekeeping and are adding some features that people like my blog friends Stan Schroeder at Frantic Industries and Allen Stern at Centernetworks (and plenty of others) have been asking for for some time now, including a dedicated image category — which will please those Diggers who get upset at posts that consist solely of a link to a LOLcatz image.

Digg is also cleaning up its taxonomy (which is Latin for “where did I put that thing?”) as Adam Ostrow details over at Mashable, so that Offbeat becomes its own category and News, Video and Images will share the same sub-categories. And the new photo category has a couple of interesting features, including a link-up with Photobucket, so that images uploaded to the latter can be easily submitted to the former.

The other interesting feature of the photo category is the fact that Digg will be doing some image recognition to make sure people aren’t uploading the same photo over and over. And the engine powering that image recognition comes from Toronto’s very own Idee Inc., run by my friend Leila Boujnane and her team. Congrats to them.

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