Help us create a great mesh 2008

The mesh team — that’s Rob Hyndman, Stuart MacDonald, Mark Evans, Mike McDerment and yours truly — are doing our best to come up with some really great content for the next mesh conference in May, but we wanted to ask you for some help as well. Many of you helped by telling us what you wanted after mesh 2007, and now we wanted to get some of your thoughts about 2008.

Ever since the first mesh conference — which kind of snowballed out of a conversation that the five of us had one night over beer and steak at The Paddock restaurant in Toronto — we’ve been fortunate to have a whole pile of smart and resourceful people helping us with ideas and execution, and we wanted to expand that group to include pretty much anyone with a great idea for a panel or a speaker or a concept.

Rob has posted some more thoughts on the mesh blog. The bottom line is that if you have anything at all to suggest — ways we could improve over last year, or just a wild idea you have for next year — please drop a comment either here or on Rob’s post. Mesh on!