Amazon’s S3: Almost free storage

by Mathew on November 8, 2007 · 4 comments

I remember awhile back coming across a post that Nick Carr did about someone who was using Amazon’s S3 remote storage service to do backups, and wound up getting a bill for a month’s worth of charges for hosting his data — and it was a single cent (the original post by Dave Gurnell is here, and Nick’s post is here). I thought at the time that it was pretty impressive, so I created an Amazon Web Services account.

I downloaded JungleDisk, a backup/storage app that acts as a front-end to S3. Then I uploaded a whole pile of photos as a test, which worked flawlessly, with my JungleDisk files and folders showing up as a network drive in Windows and a WebDav remote share in Linux and the usual drag-and-drop to add or move files and so on. A little while ago I got my first monthly bill from Amazon: 75 cents. Not bad.

  • engtech

    I’m going to have to give that a try for photos.

    I’ve been thinking about doing it for mp3s as well. Restoring is so time consuming.

  • Joe Smith

    How much did you upload? 2mb?

  • Mathew

    Somewhere between 500 megabytes and a gigabyte, Joe.

  • Jason

    What kind of guarantees do we have for data security as users of AWS? I think AWS is great, but I’m wondering how ‘secure’ my data is. I put secure in quotes because there is really no guaranteed way secure your data, short of taking it to Fort Knox.

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