iPhone in Canada for Christmas?

The Boy Genius, who has a pretty good reputation so far for getting his rumours right, spotted an ad for the Canuck version of the iPhone, which is supposedly going to be here by December 7. But will it? Some have pointed out that the ad looks a little Photoshopped, and that the price — $499 even with a three-year contract — is a little usurious, even for Rogers.

Whatever the truth of the rumour, there’s no question that Rogers and Apple are being very coy about the timing of the blessed event, despite the fact that everyone knows the iPhone has to be on Rogers’ network because it’s the only one that does GSM. Just the other day there was a story in the Globe about a Molson contest letting the cat out of the bag about an iPhone launch in January, but both Rogers and Molson quickly backpedaled on that one and said it was a mistake, they haven’t got a deal yet, etc.

Why so coy? One reason could be that — as one of the commenters on the Boy Genius report and Engadget have noted — there is still the small matter of a trademark on the name iPhone, which in Canada is held by Comwave. Can they get a deal signed to everyone’s liking in the next month or so? Let’s hope so, or there will be a dark Christmas for many Apple fans.

2 thoughts on “iPhone in Canada for Christmas?

  1. I have my doubts about this.

    First, the small green text is in a horrible font. In a CTA subhead like that, most ad people will avoid (C) and TM symbols unless absolutely necessary. The ones in this ad really stick out.

    Second, the last line of the small print says you don’t find out what the data plan will cost until later. I somehow doubt Rogers is stupid enough to sell an expensive phone (with a mandatory three-year term) without disclosing how much the data would cost.

    Finally, I’ve never known Rogers to split up its logo like that (red circle and text). It’s generally considered to be a no-no in advertising practice.

    This just looks like a fake Photoshop mockup to me. I stand by my original post on this.

    That said, I HOPE it’s true, because I really want to move out of 1.0.2 without bricking my phone.

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