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September 2007

An interesting piece in the New York Times today (although it was in the Fashion & Style section, which I thought was a little odd). I'm not sure if the topic signals some kind of evolution in the way the Times looks at the blogosphere or an evolution in the blogosphere itself -- or maybe…

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Hats off to Erick Schoenfeld -- ex of Business 2.0, and now the Numero Duo over at TechCrunch -- for his post about Apple and the iPhone. At the risk of getting flamed again (or having my server melt down from the Digg-storm), I have to say that I think he has put his finger…


Video footage obtained by this Japanese TV station shows that the Japanese photojournalist who died during the crackdown in Rangoon was shot at point-blank range by a Burmese soldier.  

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New world record set by Markus "Hercules" Stoeckl in Chile.


(This is a story I wrote for about Spiral Frog, based on an interview I did with founder and CEO Joe Mohen. I'm cross-posting it here for anyone who might have missed it. You can listen to the audio of our interview here. And my colleague Ivor Tossell has a look at the service…