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June 2007

Hang on tight

by Mathew on June 26, 2007

Although I hate to jump on the whole "Day The Music Died" thing -- which I think is a little over the top -- I find it interesting that while a whole bunch of Web radio companies, including Yahoo Music and Pandora, are turning off their streams in order to protest the increase in licensing…


From Paul Kedrosky comes this video clip of Niklas Zennstrom -- co-founder of Kazaa, Skype and Joost -- giving a presentation at Zeitgeist.  
Matt Marshall over at Venture Beat has a post up about Friendster with a "returning from the dead" kind of vibe: Matt points out that the site -- which is kind of the poster boy for early social-networking success, followed by equally rapid failure -- has had what he calls a "massive" 40-per-cent jump in…
Danah Boyd, a sociologist and researcher in the U.S. who specializes in youth culture and online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, has posted a draft version of a new paper she is writing on what might loosely be referred to as "class divisions" between the two popular social networking sites. Although she says…