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snipshot_e4jpq70bjvm.jpgValleywag says that Natalie Portman is working on a “lifecast” of her personal and working life, a la’s 24-hour streaming EdTV experiment. Said news, apparently, was leaked via a Twitter message by someone whose firm had been approached to fund her new venture (allegedly Silicon Valley VC oufit Charles River Ventures). This wouldn’t be the only time that Silicon Valley has met Silicone Valley, of course, but it still seems a little far-fetched to me — but then, so did And Natalie has shown that she is happy to mess around with her public image from time to time, as you can see from this hilarious video clip from Saturday Night Live.

And why not stream video yourself? If you’re Brittany or Lindsay or Paris, you either spend all of your time trying to get on TV or in the newspaper, or you find yourself hounded by photographers and video-cameras trying to put you there anyway. Why not take control of the process? And if you think no one would subscribe to an all-Natalie channel, I expect that you are quite wrong. I think my friend Steve Bryant agrees with me.


Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee got a comment from Susan Wu at Charles River, who said the Twitter message was just a joke. And NewTeeVee also came up with a list of celebrities it would like to see do a lifecast.

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