From Mike Arrington at TechCrunch comes news that the next version of Firefox will include social networking features — features that are described in more detail at the Mozilla labs website. The new features, which for some reason are called The Coop, have their own project page here.

snipshot_d4b9kvc29am.jpgAs Mike points out, this is going to make things kind of sticky for Flock, the privately-funded browser built on the Mozilla framework. In effect, it sounds like the Firefox team is planning to build some or all of what Flock has done — sharing of photos, blogging, etc. — into the existing Mozilla browser, although there are differences (The Coop seems aimed at sharing rather than creating blog posts from within the browser, for example). Does this mean that Flock is fucked again, as my friend Paul Kedrosky put it back in late 2005 when Performancing added a blogging plugin? Not necessarily. In many ways, the social features almost seem like competition for del.icio.us rather than what Flock does.

Allan Stern of CenterNetworks says this kind of thing is a good illustration of why it`s not advisable to build your product entirely on someone else`s technology, which is a fair point. But I for one hope Flock and Firefox both continue to exist and become stronger and add new features. Like Mark Evans, I think the more competition the better.

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3 Responses to “Is Flock f***ed again?”
  1. I think Flock should position themselves to be acquired by Yahoo! as their default browser. It drives me crazy that Verizon (my ISP) uses IE as the underpinnings for their interface with Yahoo!

    Actually, I thought a year ago they should do that, but they seem to have lost some steam. I really like Flock and the way they mashed up different ways to upload photos, blog and participate in social networks, but I could never get used to their RSS reader — it was kludgy and slow.

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