This ad for an editor speaks for itself

From Cory at Lost Remote comes a link to what has to be one of the most creative — and elaborate — classified ads ever, which the Roanoke Times newspaper from Roanoke, Virginia put up as part of its search for an editor. If you have even a few minutes to spare, you really should check it out. And be sure to click on all the links in the toolbar at the bottom — it’s worth it. In fact, it makes me want to work there.


3 thoughts on “This ad for an editor speaks for itself

  1. I’ve been wanting to do video like this for a long time. I am almost there. I have the green screen and I’m working on getting the proper lighting.

    Then, I think it’s all about just dropping the video into flash and wiping the green background out and having some fun.

    Check out for more cool stuff like this.

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