Leverage those core competencies, baby

So CBS wants to find and buy the next YouTube before it gets big. Gee, I wonder why no one else has thought of that? Way to go, CBS. And so they’ve hired a guy who at the age of 35 is described as a “veteran” of the industry, and of the takeover game. Why — because he helped advise Viacom to buy Neopets? Wow. That’s rocket surgery for sure.

What Quincy Smith seems to have picked up during his time on The Street is the ability to say a whole bunch of really great sounding phrases that actually mean diddly-squat. Here’s a great one that PaidContent highlighted:

The important thing is that we get confidence internally on a set interactive strategy that will immediately change and be organic as we grow. From there we can think about how we can execute on this as a team.


Did you get that? In other words, it’s important to get confident — internally, of course, as opposed to externally — and to set a strategy. Wouldn’t it be better to get confident after deciding on a strategy? Never mind. Because that strategy is going to “immediately change” anyway. And, it’s going to be organic, which as we all know is the best kind of strategy to have.

And then, of course, after getting confident and having the strategy (the organic one that immediately changes) then it’s time to think about how to execute. Not actually execute — which is a fancy word Wall Street types use when they really mean “do” — but just think about it for awhile.

In other words *we don’t have a clue what we’re doing.” Or phrased differently: “I’d better come up with something good, or it’s back to hedge-fund land.”

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