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September 2006

Gabe Rivera over at Techmeme has introduced advertising on his blogosphere buzz-tracker/feed-aggregator, and it consists of posts from bloggers that are featured in a right-hand column, a privilege for which they pay several thousands of dollars per month. I think this is potentially a great idea -- and much better than just running Google's AdSense…


Can Google engineer chaos?

by Mathew on September 24, 2006 · 3 comments

The picture of Google that emerges from a recent Fortune magazine article depends a lot on your point of view. Some will focus on the fact that the Googleplex is all free cafeterias and young people whizzing around on scooters. Others will focus on how the gigantic cash-spewing machine that fuels the company gives its…


An idle thought for a Sunday afternoon: virtual worlds such as Second Life, The Sims Online and World of Warcraft are hugely popular online games, in part because they manage to combine elements of the real world with fantasy and the unreal, and also because they allow for all kinds of behaviour (good, bad and…


Best NBC promo ever on YouTube

by Mathew on September 23, 2006 · 9 comments

Rex Sorgatz of may just be right -- this clip on YouTube may be the funniest NBC promo ever.


Social networking and social media -- sites such as and -- are often written about as though they are universally a good thing. And there's no question that it's great to have places where kids can socialize online, so to speak, and share blog posts and photos and music, or where they can…