Blog hiatus – I hear the beach calling

If posting is light over the next couple of weeks, please don’t be concerned – I’m in Florida, enjoying a little sun and sand and relaxation with the family. If you know the state at all, it’s a little town called Venice, just south of Sarasota – very quiet. Not much happens here, and that’s just the way I like it. It’s already been a couple of days now since I checked, and pretty soon even blogosphere legends such as The Scobleizer and Dave Winer will be but a distant memory. I can’t even check out any of the cool new services that Mike Arrington at and Pete Cashmore at are undoubtedly writing about because I’m on dial-up 🙂 Ain’t life grand.

5 thoughts on “Blog hiatus – I hear the beach calling

  1. Enjoy Mathew!

    I made the transition from the cold (New York) to sunny and warm (northern and now southern cali) years ago and can’t now imagine ever going back.

  2. buy some property while you are there. I live in Tampa and should have bought a second one in Vanice 5 years ago when it was more affordbale but a factor of 3!

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