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December 2005

Happy Festivus to all!

by Mathew on December 24, 2005 · 3 comments

Or should that be Merry ChrismaKwanzakah? Anyway, best of the holidays to anyone who happens to stop by. Thanks for reading. I'm gonna take a little break. And don't forget to pick up your Festivus pole before the Airing of Grievances and the ritual Feats of Strength.


Winer unloads on iTunes

by Mathew on December 23, 2005 · 2 comments

It's kind of a guilty pleasure, but I can't help it -- I love reading Dave Winer when he gets on a rant (except maybe when it involves Adam Curry and the origins of podcasting). His latest is on iTunes, and having used it before with both Windows and Mac, I have to agree. Dave's…


So now it's Microsoft that's supposedly going to buy Opera, everybody's second favourite alternative browser (next to Firefox, of course). Not that long ago, Google was reported to be the one looking at buying the company. Of course, Google was supposed to buy Riya too, but that never happened. This one could wind up in…


It's too bad that the popularity of's blogging extension for Firefox seems to have turned into an anti-Flock thing, because I don't think it has to be that way. I know people tend to see things in a kind of binary way -- Performancing is great, so Flock is f***ed, as Paul Kedrosky so…


It may be nothing but a footnote to the Google-AOL deal, but to me (and others like Stowe Boyd at Corante and Gary Price at SearchEngineWatch) the proposal to blend GTalk and AIM into a seamless instant messaging service is the icing on the cake -- and if there's one thing I love, it's icing.…