Online-classified service Craigslist.com is extremely popular, with close to 9 million unique visitors in September according to some estimates. So how much is it worth? (figuring out how much various Web services are worth seems to have become a new sport).

Based on Om Malik’s rough rule of thumb from recent deals for companies such as MySpace.com and Weblogs Inc., which he said produced an average value of $38 (U.S.) per unique monthly visitor, Craigslist would be worth about $330-million (by way of comparison, that’s about 16.5 times the company’s revenue, which is higher than the range that Jason Calacanis thinks is reasonable for an online property, but a lot less than the almost 70 times revenue eBay agreed to pay for Skype, based on the $4.1-billion price tag).

The value of Craigslist might be about to go down, however, as the online classified game heats up. There’s Google Base, for example, which admittedly is rather confusing to use and therefore perhaps less of a threat (or more, depending on who you believe). And then there’s a little company whose name begins with “Micro” and ends in “soft.” The behemoth from Redmond is rumoured to be launching a new online-classified style service codenamed “Fremont,” according to various sources, including TechCrunch.

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  1. from Craiglist through more extensive fees (the most likely possibility). For more insight into Craigslist’s approach to business, check out a story I wrote earlier this year in the Financial Post after an interview with COO Jim Buckmaster. Update:Mathew Ingram has worked up Craigslist’s potential value – $330 million- using Om Malik’s $38 per unique monthly visitor metric. Ingram says this is “about 16.5 times the company’s revenue, which is higher than the range that

  2. After years' experience, people start to realize to the importance of online classifieds. Craigslist has been proven a great success. Google, Ebay all want to join this trend.

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