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September 2005

Column: eBay tries a Hail Mary

by Mathew on September 13, 2005

Here's a column I posted at about the eBay takeover of Skype: "There’s only one real question that springs to mind in the wake of eBay’s takeover bid for voice-over-Internet provider Skype — which could cost the on-line auction company up to $4-billion (U.S.) — and it is this: Is the dot-com bubble back,…

Column: Is it Skype or hype?

by Mathew on September 8, 2005

Here's a column I posted to about the speculation that Skype will be bought: "First it was Yahoo. Then it was Microsoft. Then it was Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate News Corp. Now eBay is supposedly in talks to take over Skype, the voice-over-Internet company started by Swedish entrpeneur Niklas Zennstrom. According to a recent…

Column: Kazaa fight continues

by Mathew on September 6, 2005

Here's a column I posted at about the Kazaa lawsuit: "What a hydra-headed monster Shawn Fanning gave birth to. The Napster founder’s company didn’t single-handedly create the digital music revolution -- German researchers arguably did that when they came up with the MP3 standard -- but the Napster network poured fuel on the flames,…