Hey dad, Wikipedia says that you…

In an Associated Press piece about Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of Wilco and a well-known former drug addict, there’s a hilarious anecdote about how his 11-year-old son learned of his past drug use:

“Well, you know Spencer is 11, and awhile back, he said ‘I just read on Wikipedia that you started smoking pot when you quit drinking in nineteen-whatever. That makes me so mad. Wikipedia is always so wrong. It’s just like, so stupid.’

And I had to take him aside and say ‘Spencer, I didn’t think I was going to have to have this discussion with you at this age, because it is not something that has really entered your world, but I don’t want to lie to you.

That Wikipedia thing, there are probably a lot of wrong things on there, but that is not one of them. That happened.’”

I think that anecdote says a lot about Wikipedia and the nature of modern fame, and also about the difficulties of parenting in a social-media world — plus it’s hilarious to boot. And the rest of the interview is well worth a read too, if you like Wilco at all (which I do).

(via The Listenerd)

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