Joey deVilla and a craigslist wedding

snipshot_e418xet1rieu.jpgI guess I’m just an old softie at heart, but for some reason this post by Joey “Accordion Guy” deVilla really brought a smile to my face — and almost a tear to my eye as well (don’t tell anyone). It’s about how Joey’s significant other, the Ginger Ninja, was looking through craigslist and came across an ad from two women who were coming to Toronto to get married and were looking for witnesses. What the heck, Joey thinks — let’s go. So he and the missus troop down to City Hall with accordion in tow, meet the lovely young couple and act as witnesses, with Joey playing “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim on the squeezebox. Some great pics, and comments from the women who are now married — and even one from craigslist founder Craig Newmark. Very cool. Update: Joey’s story made a lot of people happy on Metafilter too.

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