Vimeo takes the road less travelled

Liz Gannes has a great post over at Om Malik’s NewTeeVee site that looks at Vimeo, a video-sharing site that I must admit I had kind of overlooked in the frenzy of interest over YouTube and Revver and so on. She describes how the site got started as a personal project launched by Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein, the twenty-something founders of, which was bought by media mogul Barry Diller’s Interactive Corp last August (Jakob and Zach also co-founded

According to Liz, Vimeo has shied away from the upload-anything, celebrity-focused, copyright-infringing YouTube approach and tried to focus on the home-movie crowd. The founders say they are trying to reinvent home movies for the Internet age, not reinventing television — an approach I think is in some ways much more appealing — and the site doesn’t even list the most-viewed videos, the way most such sites do.

But one of the most fascinating things about the NewTeeVee post for me was the video clip that Liz embedded from founder Jakob Lodwick, which I have embedded here. I highly recommend it.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

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